Who is minding the mind?
Our minds have a mind of their own at times. It is only when we become aware of our thinking that we are able to adjust where they go. We can never stop them, our thoughts are our constant companion.
We spin thoughts like yarn without even questioning them; do we know the thought we are thinking to be true? Is that particular thought ABSOLUTELY true? Byron Katie coined that phrase, and it really is a great question to ask ourselves when we are struggling with becoming a slave to the thought or if we are the master of our thinking.
We trust our thoughts most of the time, or we allow our thoughts to tell us stories that might not be true. The problem can arise if we believe all of them, and this can cause us to be a slave and suffer much stress and rob us of the present moment and sometimes our sense of self.
Your mind is powerful. When you invest your time and energy in asking inquiring questions about your thoughts, then they are the seeds that will start to grow and give you the life you want.
“A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”
― Byron Katie, Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life


“Rain with a Chance of Thunder Storms.”

“The roots grow deepest when the wind blows strongest….Denise Linn–Isn’t that the truth… We are always hanging onto something to survive our storms.

Right now I am navigating a turbulent storm; it is not the first, it certainly won’t be the last either, it is one more hurricane of many past.

I know these storms help me grow deeper and stronger wherever I may be standing in my life.

All my rooting and growing helps me from actually being blown away, these extreme weather conditions prepare me for other storms that have yet to come and will come.

Storms can leave scars for sure, but they also help us live amongst the unexpected forecast that is sure to touch down again. Some storms pass very quickly while others seem to go on for many days, even weeks. It can, and does take a toll on the body-mind.

I don’t like when the weather gets out of control it shakes the shit out of my soul, but what I do love after a storm is looking for the rainbow in the sky. It is the exhale, and the AHHHHHH that reminds me that, this too shall pass. I will grow stronger, have deeper roots, and this will afford my safe return to sunny skies.

Such weather experiences develop our character and deepen our spiritual roots. When we grow deep, we too, stand tall.

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light. – Theodore Roethke



Expand, relax into yourself.
choose yourself.
choose your life.
choose openness.

Insight comes like lightening… I am open to receive it.

There is plenty of JOY to be had with an open heart-mind.
I make space to feel my feelings.


Fear of Flying.

Fear, just the word is scary for some of us. I know many people who are afraid, not just, AFRAID of something you need to afraid of, but AFRAID of everything. “Fearfulness” is a paralyzing, drug swallowed daily, and I believe one of conditioning.

Right now I am caring for someone who is fearful of many things, I never realized how debilitating that can be until living with it first hand.

What I find most interesting is who or what they trust, to me the very person(s), situations and things that they do trust can harm them the most.

Baby steps into the unknown are the only way to start to thaw out the frozen beliefs, and someone who is willing to encourage them to discover on their own, that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Trust and fearlessness are an emotional conditioning that we must nourish for ourselves to navigate this life that is filled with unknowns. Otherwise, you live an unlived life locked up in the convoluted mind.

Mantra: I must face my fears before I can be anything else. Today I walk towards one little dread, I know I can manage and trust MYSELF more.

“Most of us have two lives: the life we live, and the unlived life within us.” ~Steven Pressfield


Divine order and Chaos on the Rocks, please.

Keeping it all together in a world that is shapeshifting can have us doubting ourselves regularly. One moment life is flowing without interruptions, and “BAM,” the bomb drops, and everything seems out of sorts.

The real news; chaos, change, and oppositions are the ‘Juice of Life,’ the great cocktail that throws us off guard on a moments notice.

So order up; I’ll have a Divine order and Chaos on the Rocks, please. It’s the one drink of life that will get you drunk for your highest good if you are taking your daily dose of your adaptogen; Daily Self-love.

Next time you feel bad, or things seem array, put your hand over your heart and say, I’ll have another, please.

Mantra: I Believe in the power of constant change. I roll with the changes. I believe in ME.

The moment you come to trust chaos, you see God clearly. Chaos is divine order, versus human order. Change is divine order, versus human order. When the chaos becomes safety to you, then you know you’re seeing God clearly.
Caroline Myss


Spread your wings

“Be genuine as you are amazed at, and in awe of, yourself. Keep doing original things to justify your amazement and awe.
There is nothing simple about you. The all inspiring Divine you is what you came here to do; to spread your energetic wings and be carried to new heights within.

When we experience this bliss in ourselves, we see the magnificence all around us.

Make blissful wishes the first mantra of the morning.

Mantra: There is nobody like me 

“The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment.” ~~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

all about the self love


Into the night!

It’s always your time to take new flight!

Running through the night
Running to the light.
Such a dominant force
feeling no remorse.
Time to take flight.

Don’t know when I will land,
the power has taken to my hand.
The flight won’t delay, not another day,
the dragon force is out to make another slay.
No remorse, no regrets, just another journey,
another layer of my soul to peel.

As my wings start to spread
A new life I’m about to wed
Can’t let go
Won’t let go
I’m gonna fly and embrace the flow.

Spread my wings, expand my soul,
that is the only way to make me whole.
High above myself taking in this breath of life,
Could this bring me strife?
Take this journey be on my way,
I would have it no other way.
30,000 feet deep and I can still see,
by the light force guiding me.
Where do I land,
To take my own heart?
Letting go is how I grow,
to expand my whole heart.
~ Dolby Dharma

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