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I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am a soul within, waiting to return.

I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.Why does the sun rise and give light,
Only to set again too soon?

Why do stars twinkle so bright,
Only to pass away with the moon?

Why does a rainbow appear with colors to show,
Only to fade for no apparent reason?

Why does a flower take so long to grow,
Only to wilt during the winter season?

Why does snow fall so mysteriously and lay,
Only to change and then melt?

Why do people enter our lives,
only to pass on and die….

We never get to know why it simply just is….
Life turns you upside down so you can live right side up…
Dolby Dolby 2010

Written for my son’s friend Dustin who left too soon.


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Going on a journey,


Heading towards the unknown.


Who would have guessed,


Open Road is my home.



Doing the unexpected,


Surprising myself


Acting on impulse,


Feeling no one else.



Ignoring all warning signs,


The truth is purging.



Analyze the situation


No time


No logic


No reason


It’s the season.



Clear up confusion,


Expose hidden truth


Do what I know,


Check out the view.



Keep a firm resolve,


Headed in a twirl.


Light up my chakras,


Find my hidden pearls.



Awaken possibilities,


Feeling really high


Discovering inner joy,


Turning on the light.



The draw is in the direction,


The impulse in the act


Darkness turns the lights on,


Nature has my back.

Dolby Dubrow 2002




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Beautiful life is woven into poetry

The gift

The Expression

The magic pulls us through

Live life as if each moment is an end

Take a dive into the deep end of life

Experience the breath

The wind that brushes your senses

Close your eyes

Feel your mind

We are untapped

We are potential

We are expansion

We are love

Love and oneness are bound together creating a radiant field

We are the light

Trust in the process of letting go breath by breath

The freedom is liberating

No weight

Just the speed at which you transform into higher consciousness


An essential facet of love and transformation

Opens you to a life experience that is deeply vibrates

~Dolby Dubrow 2014I am open

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I am

Matter is nothing more than frozen lite

It is what it isn’t

The opposites

Tangled up in the force

The undeniable

The all knowing

The all being

I sat in the unknown

Staying vast and present

Seeing what might arise











The undeniable

The all knowing

The all being


Dolby Dubrow 2014Love-said-to-me

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You left unannounced

Leaving me with the energy of you

Beautiful you made up of universal poetry

A gift from the generous universe all around

Blink your eyes, cast a thought, I remember

Feeling your breath, as you open your mouth

Gazing in fertile silence deep into your inviting eyes

I touched your divine core as you touch mine

Traversing through a wavelength reserved for you and me

Massaging the energy thru subliminal sublime

Enthralled with the wordless mystery, we saw in these liquid depths

Energetic shivers ran up our spines in an ecstasy only known to us

We see, we feel, with our liquid eyes

Never did we have a chance to say our good-byes

You left for the heavens, with no warning

Life is like that; it sneaks up

Shows the impermanent, the fragility

The love

The love I hold in my heart and soul

Thank you my Love



Two Souls

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As I stand in my oneness

I feel the connection to the earth

I lift the energy towards the open sky

Becoming a conduit for what it is worth

Like the trees in the wind

My foot stays strong

My mind open to the whispers

My body embraces the freedom

I am lifted into oneness

I am connected




Standing tall

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The Beloved is with you in the midst of your seeking













I bring my love to share tonight

When I prepare for sleep

I begin to unwind

Thoughts running through my mind

About what I am

What we are

Where we are

Who we are 

Into oblivion, I go find




Living for the dreams 

Haunting my mind

Memories fill my heart with you all the time

I know you are out there floating

In the stars

Floating through the Milky Way

Floating on the moon

Floating into the sun

Floating floating floating

We are

Unbroken, untamed and wild

In darken nights my heart flies

In darkening nights my soul cries

For you

For me

For us

The sky and our hearts bigger… both agree

We are now free


Dolby July 2014

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