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Self-love Rising!


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Embrace yourself first thing in the morning, that’s right, “I love and approve of myself.”

The planet is a buzzin today in its full glory, we have a New Moon rising in Libra, the energy is high, and the sky is a glowin. Relationships are the theme here with this Libra moon.

Getting to know you is the most heartfelt way to learn about yourself and others. Remember we teach people how to treat us, so give yourself a GREAT BIG GENUINE hug. Each morning when we rise, we get to shift our perspective, make small adjustments towards appreciating what we will contribute to ourselves and the day!

When you feel good, it’s infections, so spread your bad-ass self around. This planet needs more beauty like you! Dolby Dubrow

It is time to celebrate and honor all the parts of you, to love, accept and appreciate the breathtaking and divinely perfect beauty of you, and as you do you will be anchoring and supporting the very aspects you wish to experience more of. ~Archangel Gabriel


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dear-mejpgPhoto Credit: Kelly Hofer

If you were to write a letter to yourself today, what would it say? It is a heartfelt way to get in touch with YOU.  Try it, a great exercise getting to know you!
A letter to myself

Dear Dolby,
We have hoed a long road together. Creating all kinds of results that have gotten us here. There were many times we were not nice to each other, in fact, downright brutal. We’ve met some crazy ass peeps that helped shake things up a bit, but we also met some cool souls who lifted us up too. As a result of the road we paved together; the high roads, low roads, and forks in the road, we are victorious up to this point.

Instead of being hard on yourself for all the mistakes you have made and the ones that lay in wait. Take these opportunities to move forward with an open mind, love in your heart and acceptance for what has yet been discovered. There is no greater teacher than mistakes, without them, we have missed significant opportunities. These outside influences are for our highest good, so that we may learn to listen to our gut more, trust more in who we are, set healthy boundaries, so that we can know when to cross the line and be safe.

Even when we are in deep shit, I admire you for seeing the light. My anger towards you was about passion, hurt and wanting things to be great. But you knew deep down that there was a lot of inner territories to discover before you could claim yourself. You are an undeniable warrior. When your heart was busted open from grief, torment, abandonment, rejection you still continued to be open, forgiving and willing to get back in the arena.

You are someone that people love coming home to for comfort. You are inspired and inspiring. You are a heartfelt listener, debtor, and equalizer. You understand the human experience. You go out of your way to help others discover, the undiscovered within; their strengths, beauty, and truths and give them faith in themselves. You get to know people and meet them at their level of understanding.

I love your courage; to cry, to go deep, to give, to receive. You are a born seeker of enlightenment, truth, and self-awareness.

A transformation, like everything, comes with all the ebbs and flows, the storms, the weather, and stillness. You are brave.

Dolby, you have inspired me to appreciate myself more, and for that, I am forever grateful for your presence.

I love you, ME

“Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.” Pema Chodron

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I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

If you can do one thing for ‘YOU,’ to set yourself free and any prisoners that might be captive in your heart because you felt betrayed, disrespected, lied to, and I am sure there are many more descriptive hurts and actions you can add to the list! Ho’oponopono Prayer is for you!

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

If you feel someone has done something to you, I am positive that others feel you have done something to them as well. It could be unbeknown to you, we don’t always get to know when our words and actions might harm someone, not everyone brings it to our attention, they just live with it, hold on to it or blow it off. Think of all the strangers you have encountered in your daily life that you have been irritated with for one reason or another. I know I have been annoyed when left on the phone forever and someone finally comes on only to switch me to someone else. That is just an example of how our behaviors to strangers do harm to ourselves (frustration) to them for doing their jobs. This prayer/mantra extends itself. You know the saying, “From your lips to Gods’ ears.”


I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

This simple but POWERFUL ancient Hawaiian prayer/meditation is a practice of healing the heart, bringing reconciliation and forgiveness into balance for you and anyone that needs love and forgiveness.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

We all have someone or something that has put us off and maybe we are holding onto to it because we need or want an apology or acknowledgment of some kind. Maybe we don’t know any better.
The truth is we can wait forever, so why not open your heart and take full responsibility for our healings and heal the wounded places within ourselves, and we can heal others as well.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

We all benefit.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

You don’t have to say the mantra to anyone in particular. Just by saying those words and evoking the spirit of love to heal our heavy hearts, changes the energy around you, in you, and extends outward to whomever’s heart needs healing and forgiveness, that is what we call a vibrational match.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

We are responsible for how we feel, what we digest and how we eliminate the situations, people and things that cause us to suffer.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

The bottom line, like it, or not ‘LOVING YOURSELF’ is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, your life gets better and better.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

A substantial way to let go!

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

The good news!

WE are always changing, evolving and expanding our hearts and minds, taking us on miraculous journeys that will change us forever.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

Do it for LOVE and do it for YOU!

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Pleasantville Jail!



Never disappear into the abyss because someone doesn’t like the way you are or who you are, or what you say.

Do you live in a space where you smile outwardly, but think, ‘what an asshole’ inwardly? Do you have an opposing POV that you keep to yourself because you want or need people to like you, or maybe you just don’t like confrontation?

If so, you are doing a ‘disservice’ to yourself and the other. We all have our unique expression of how we are in the world, and it is pretty sad when we don’t speak our truth when we need too. The absolute truth is; there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you, or what you stand for that has nothing to do with you, it is just life. What is NOT ok is depriving yourself an opportunity to be YOU.

Instead of acting like everything is alright, don’t be afraid to say it isn’t. If you don’t agree, don’t be scared to express your opinion.

What are we here for, we are here for the expansion of each other. We are ALL beating hearts dressed up with our own unique look. We are here to add color to this life, to create change for the benefit of all things living. This planet has a pulse, and we are contributing to that every day.

We are NOT here to be cloned and follow the crowd. We are here to set an intention; to always to honor our truth, accept ourselves and be real; then we are on the right path to living OUR truth and accepting everyone else’s.

Sometimes people can’t handle another’s truth, but sometimes it is YOUR truth might be the salt on the wound someone might need to open up and get in their ‘own’ game. We teach people how to treat us, bottom line, so if you are a ‘yes’ man in life, you don’t rock a boat or two, you are stuck in some ‘Pleasantville’ jail, that is not so pleasant.

There are many individuals who don’t understand what it is to live in a world where you honor yourself in a healthy way. Don’t understand the truth is always subject and personal to each of us; my truth is not your truth, and vice versa.

We have been taught to be people pleasers, after all, how would it look if we did not follow the crowd; a leader, trailblazer, a teacher, a warrior, powerful, a catalyst for new awakenings. The list goes on and on.

Living a vanilla life, living in fear of rejection is the kind of life that makes you disappear slowly. YOUR beauty is in the details of YOU!

I know who I am and my life flows with ease.~ Dolby

You are goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding. You are peace and joy and light. You are forgiveness and patience, strength and courage, a helper in time of need, a comforter in time of sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion. You are the deepest wisdom and the highest truth; the greatest peace and the grandest love. You are these things. And in moments of your life, you have known yourself as these things. Choose now to know yourself as these things always.~Neale Donald Walsch

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Like the breath, we tend to take our bodies for granted until it talks to us, and then we still might not listen, we might unconsciously pop a pill, to take the pain away temporarily, ignoring the warning, or we just might ignore it all together. Isn’t that the Queen of Denial?

We put our bodies to the test every day with all our outside activities and the conversations we have with ourselves inwardly.

We tend to think of our bodies when we dress it up, giving attention to the clothes we pick out, how we are presenting ourselves to others hoping to be objects of desire, noticed and accepted, etc.

But what does it mean to honor the physical container that houses our soul and consciousness? To me it is the journey inward, a coming home to myself, I know that my team and partners are inside this body, my heart, lungs, intestines, blood flow, etc. ,
It is honing in on the miracle of life, the magic, mystery, and wonder of it all.

Our bodies are so miraculous, it is amazing that when we go to sleep, it still functions for us, HELLO, it even wakes you up when it requires some attention, like going to the bathroom.

We are an incredible consciousness, and we have to be aware of our bodies and how it serve us, not hurt us, but can hurt us if we don’t take care of it.

When the body dysfunctions it is a wake-up call, alerting us to pay attention. It is true we can’t explain all the ‘dis~ease’ in our body, but we can learn to become more aware of this incredible physique that protects our personal team players, our internal organs from the elements and impact of life.

Our bodies take care of us, and we have to give back to the mystery and mastery of life. There are so many outside influences that can get the best of us, we put a lot of stress on our bodies, sometimes consciously; working out, relationship issues, work, and just day to day living. Then there is the subtle subconscious stuff that we are unaware of, the trauma and dramas that are stored in the subconsciousness, and surface because of a trigger.

The bottom line is, self-care, self-love is the best vitamin you can take daily. It is a delicate balance to do it ‘ALL.’ We want it all and want to do it all and why not, we came here to play and experience life. What we have to tap into is the ‘AWE’ of it all, and when we understand that, a new respect, a new type of honor code turns YOU inward. I pledge allegiance to myself!

When you grasp how fragile and strong, our bodies are, and how important it is to protect, honor and nourish yourself, life gets better; you feel better, and the consciousness of our planet thrives. ~Dolby Dubrow

You are a volume in the divine book
A mirror to the power that created the universe
Whatever you want, ask it of yourself
Whatever you’re looking for can only be found
Inside of you.~Rumi

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Manifestation, to make something happen; desire is born when we believe it to be. When we focus enough on anything, it eventually becomes our faith or belief for most of us. We have set off the universal law of attraction as Abram Hicks would say; ‘the rockets of desire.’ I love that. Whenever I want something to happen for me, I visualize these rockets aiming for my goal or the changes I want to see in me.
I have witnessed in myself, the changes in my life, negative or positive when I have a constant affirmation about anything, eventually it shows up in some form to confirm what I wanted or did not want. The Universe doesn’t know if you love it or hate it, it just knows you are vibing it.
The biggest manifestation is the way we talk, feel and treat ourselves. If you want to know how you feel about YOU, just look around, see what is happening in your life, who your friends are how your love is treating you. I am NOT saying every little thing is a result of YOUR thinking. Sometimes the energetic Universe aligns us with something we need to know more about ourselves or let go of an idea or something or someone that we were not aware of because of our routine living.
So how do we change things up, or get what we want; first we have to change our thoughts about ourselves and others. You have to affirm what is right in your life and with you. I love Lousie Hays, mirror work;
‘I love who I am. I love life. Life loves me. It’s going to be smooth and easy. Life works for me.’ those are some powerful affirmations that really can transform your life and you on so many levels. Self-talk changes up the energy in your body, your cells are enlivened, and you just feel better all around. If we are hard on ourselves, friends, family and just life, in general, the same law of attraction applies. It has been said; the worst enemy is between your ears.
I am a BIG fan of planting seeds for change every New Moon; it has been a very powerful tool for me, and it brings me into awareness when I want something or desires something to change in me.
I have witnessed many shifts in my life for the better, and it brings a huge smile within, confirming how powerful I am. I have also received the very thing I did not want to happen but kept repeating it out of anger or protection, and that manifested too.
Think of your manifestations as a seed, and there is power when planting and nurturing your desire. You have to talk to it, water it and be conscious of it daily. When the seed breaks ground, it is so exciting, like the birth of a child, that is where the real love begins, and that is where we see the fruits of our desires positive or negative depending on what energy you put into it. The mirror is always up, showing us where we are at in our lives. We are always co-creating with the Universe. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!
Feel the balance and perfection of your environment: Every point of Consciousness, even the Consciousness of a cell in your body, can request an improved state of being and get it.~Abraham Hicks

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Have you ever had the experienced that sinking feeling, where you feel like you are drowning in all the extremities of life? Do you feel you are being pulled down by the weight of it all, like an anchor tied to your leg, and you have been pushed overboard? I know I have felt that way, and it creates so much anxiety, I can’t breathe or take any more incoming shit.
Instead wouldn’t it be a perfect opportunity to change our thoughts about what that sinking feeling is? Once we acknowledge, lean in, honor our feelings it is a perfect moment to cleanse and visualize that you are being dipped in ‘magical waters’ to transform and rinse off any energies that have attached itself to you because of circumstances; some in our control and some not.
You can do this when you take a shower, as the water is running down your body close your eyes, feel the water, and thank it for washing away the stress, and anything you don’t want or need anymore. A perfect metaphor for transformation and elimination.
Most water moves through and around obstacles. When something lands hard, the water moves over it for a while until the obstacle drifts away and moves on to another location.
Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has done numerous studies of how our thoughts and emotions can influence water’s molecular structure. Imagine what that does to our bodies considering we are about 60% of water give or take more or less depending on age, and stage of life.
Dr. Emoto analyzed water crystals by placing water in Petri dishes and talked negatively to one dish while spewing insults at the other; and found that the ‘kind’ thoughts and words produced a snowflake like structures of beauty and in contrast, the ‘insulted’ waters appeared disoriented and scattered and a mess.
I read Dr. Emoto’s book; The Hidden Messages in Water and now took my thoughts to heart and understood that when I feel like I am drowning, I can feed my soul or starve it to death.
Water is the perfect elixir to life!
Sinking feelings are the divine ‘growing pains’ of life. Considering we are mostly water based, it makes sense when our inside world feels flooded that we feel like we are drowning. Therefore, our entire being already resonates with Water; it’s just a matter of recognizing it more intimately and knowing how powerful our thoughts are. The water bathes us in love, and that is where the magic works, from a place of love, it is very powerful.~Dolby ❤
If you think you are falling, or being pulled down,
it is just that you are being dipped in magical water.
When you are pulled out, or come over it, you will be stronger.
~Jackie Jain

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