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Be Good to YOU!




Be kind to yourself as you are to others. Feelings, like thoughts, come and go. If you can get a handle on the concept that thoughts and feelings ‘this too shall pass,’ you can begin to practice self-compassion, self-love, and acceptance and not rooting all that as absolute truth.

There is a saying, “If you don’t have any money in the bank, there is nothing to withdraw for yourself or to give to another”. Life is pretty much that way too. Withholding love from yourself is depletion, and without knowing or feeling goodness for yourself, you cannot give ‘heartfelt love’ in return to anyone that would be genuine in nature.

Being good to yourself just means treating yourself as well as you’d treat a friend. If you spend all your time being good to everyone else, but don’t take the time to pamper yourself or address your own needs, then you will end up unfulfilled.

Being good and kind to others is commendable but if you deprive yourself then nothing else you do will count for much because you will suffer in the long run. Include yourself and make YOU a priority when you perform acts of kindness. Dolby Dharma

“When you die, God and the Angels will hold you accountable for all the pleasures you were allowed in life that you denied yourself.”
Roger Housden, Seven Sins for a Life Worth Living


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A self-unloved!
Self-love such a “cliché'” some say, but it’s not. Last night, my brother passed away; he was three years younger than me. I watched and experienced him live in chaos his entire life, destroying all that was beautiful and good in his life all because he did not love himself.
He had many addictions, the main one was alcohol, he started drinking at a very young age. Alcohol like ‘everything’ in life, creeps in on you and takes you over, changes the chemistry in your body, mind, and spirit. Eventually, my brother’s drinking became his method of self-medication; to escape his deep pain and suffering he lived with since a young boy.
 When I asked him why he drank; he said it took him away from himself and gave him a sense of feeling safe, powerful, and self-confidence, he would say, “I am on top of the world,” that was his exact expression. I knew it was to escape his life, to escape the pain he was enduring within.
 Without getting into the details of my brother’s life. In the earlier years, his late twenties, my early thirties. He was already showing signs of life that will eventually spiral down. The seeds of an unloved-self were being planted and watered in alcohol. As I revisit the memories of his life, I can see clearly that all the watering of love I or anyone could give wasn’t the antidote to the love he needed to give himself. God only knows we all worked to make him better, but there is NO ‘making’ anyone better. Maybe we do it for ourselves so we can feel better so we can continue to be around. The truth is, none of us know what is best for anyone; it’s an inside job.
There were so many times he wanted to quit drinking and get his life together, I so believed him, and so did he, but the patterned repeated itself too many times, my hope turned into anger, helplessness, and despair.
Back then I did not have that much knowledge about the depths of what alcoholism really was, with the exception that I wanted to get away from it, our father was a drinker.
Bringing alcoholism and the behavior that stems from it to his relationships always ended badly. That called for another drink.
Eventually, everyone abandons him, only to confirm the ugly feelings he was feeling, the feelings that brought him to alcohol in the first place, to take him away from himself. But the truth was, he abandoned himself. He just could not grasp that concept.
No one could have saved him, but him, unfortunately when behaviors are involved not too many people want to take on that challenge, I for one tried to but had my own issues to sort out. He tried rehab, but if you don’t get to the roots, nothing changes. Recovery is a deep knowing, an AHA, and the answer.
The long goodnight finally came for my brother last night, despite all his crazy making he brought to our family, he was always loved by my husband and me. I could no longer talk with him because his energy overpowered me, but my husband til the day he passed was kind, loving and a friend to my brother. I know that my husband’s generosity was my brothers only hope that life was good.
He passed with that in his heart. Rest in peace little brother, now you are dancing amongst the stars. ❤
Love yourself “Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside.”

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We ALL have mental pictures of ourselves that we have been carrying around with us since the beginning of our awareness to ourselves. Our self-image tends to remain somewhat stable over time unless we take deliberate action to modify it as we see fit.

There is evidence that the image of ourselves is based on what we’ve learned from our environment, caregivers, and other people; such as, what other people have told us about ourselves and how they appeared to respond to us because of our behaviors.

But our sense of self is also based in part on our opinions, our unique interpretations of events, and especially the way we appraise both ourselves and the nature of our interactions with others and the environment.

There’s plenty of evidence that how we see ourselves does matter. How we view ourselves is important for many reasons but mostly because of its impacts our physical body health and overall psychological well-being.

If we are willing, to be honest with ourselves and look at the responses we get in life; we can take ownership of the law of attraction and adjust as we see fit.

What you seek is seeking you. It is a chant, call, and answer; the echoes of life.

The bottom line; don’t compare yourself to anyone, if you truly love who you are, then be who you are! We are all unique BEings offering up other ways of being and expressing our view of life. It is not about fitting in, but ‘feeling within’ the love for yourself.

My heart flows with love, unconditionally. Act as if everything you do is going to be reflected right back at you. Dolby Dharma

“If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”

– Fred Rogers

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When we feel hopeless or lonely, our first reaction is to move somewhere, anywhere but sitting with what we are feeling. As Pema has said, ‘we don’t want to go through the detox.’
We want to get away from these uneasy feelings rather than find the neutral in it all. We want something or someone to fix us, find us a refuge. But loneliness and hopelessness is not something to be solved. It is to be explored with an open heartedness. Life is constantly shifting in and out. Nothing is permanent.
I like this quote from Pema; Impermanence is meeting and parting. It’s falling in love and falling out of love. Impermanence is bittersweet, like buying a new shirt and years later finding it as part of a patchwork quilt.
The next time you feel hopeless, lonely or filled with despair, do something different, reach for something that is not habitual in nature, but something that will help you discover more about yourself, your feelings and your soul connection to the ever changing life we have agreed to. We are here, and we never know when a shift will occur, but what we do have is our knowing, that this too shall pass and we will be just that much more awakened to life! Dolby Dharma
Not wandering in the world of desire is another way of describing cool loneliness. Wandering in the world of desire involves looking for alternatives, seeking something to comfort us—food, drink, people. The word desire encompasses that addiction quality, the way we grab for something because we want to find a way to make things okay. That quality comes from never having grown up. We still want to go home and be able to open the refrigerator and find it full of our favorite goodies; when the going gets tough, we want to yell “Mom!” But what we’re doing as we progress along the path is leaving home and becoming homeless. Not wandering in the world of desire is about relating directly with how things are. Loneliness is not a problem. Loneliness is nothing to be solved. The same is true for any other experience we might have. ~Pema Chodron
My heart is happy and full of love.

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Each one of us has a ‘spiritual tool box’ that has everything we need to keep us grounded. Everything around us is energy, and it is constantly shapeshifting throughout our day. Each person, place, and situation bring their energy into our vortex and vice versa.

It is not a right or wrong situation; it is just energy doing its thing.

Our spiritual tool box has an abundant supply of everything we need to raise our vibration and that of those around us. We have rituals, metaphors, and intention at our disposal all we must do is access them from within our heart space that beats out energy.

Performing rituals is an excellent way to clear your energy field especially if you feel like things are dark, or relationships are strained.

The ceremony I have personally used is the water in the glass ritual.

Spend a few moments each day to clear your energy, first thing in AM is great before you have encountered life.

Get a glass of water preferably one that you can always use for this ritual, fill it up. Now create a mantra (one of your choosing) while holding this glass of water in your hand. I like to say, “Please remove all negative and attaching energies and entities, cast them into the naked nothingness and fill me and all energies with the white light of healing and good vibes.” I say, “Thank You,” and “so it is.”

You will feel lighter and brighter, I promise. There is something about taking the time to care for ourselves, more importantly very powerful to move your energy in that high vibration. Everyone benefits.

At the end of your day, pour the glass of water down the sink or toilet and don’t forget to close the lid; Call upon the Universe/God to receive these heavy energies that are trapped in this glass and transform them into positive healing energies. Thank it once again!

Love is Divine, and you are Love and so is everything around you, after all, you have the tools to make it beautiful. Dolby Dharma

“Positive simply means unifying energies, while negative simply means separating energies. It’s not about what’s good or bad, right or wrong. It’s about embracing what feels good and brings us closer to peace.” ― Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace

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A long time ago, I almost drowned in a lake while on vaca. I am an excellent swimmer; I practically grew up in the water; pools and beaches were my refuges.

Everyone was on the shore relaxing, and I decided to go for a swim. The undercurrent was apparently quite strong as I drifted far out away from the shore without realizing it until I got tired and looked back.

I realized I was in trouble and started to panic, I yelled for help and attempted to swim back. The more I was going nowhere, the more anxiety and panic set in. No one on the shore could hear me yelling; some even waved to me thinking I was waving back at them, after all, they knew I could swim.

Something came over me like a gentle breeze, a whisper, “let go everything will be alright.” At that moment, I totally surrendered, stopped struggling, laid on my back, took deep breaths, relaxed and started to move my arms in a gentle backstroke towards the shore.

It was crazy how fast I ended up back to the shore effortlessly. That was a pivotal moment in my life for real. I swear, the Universal energy had my back, or it wasn’t my time.

The only thing that is a constant in life is we are continually met with change and challenges; some we like and other’s not so much. The key is to remain open, fluid and to stop struggling against the flow of life.

Surrendering to ‘what is,’ is a knowing that ‘it’ will work out. Releasing how it is going to work out is how we enter the energetic shapeshifting streams of life.

Having faith and trusting the process is how we stay connected to life’s vibrations and believing the magic of life is on its way to support and serve us for our highest good.

Just for today, let go and trust that you are being led and nurtured into the GREATEST expression of YOU! Be present in your heart, your highest self has your back.

Dolby Dharma

“Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”
― Eckhart Tolle

feeling the letting go and allowing the life flow!

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Thanksgiving is in a couple of days. Most of us are going to be surrounded by friends and relatives, some we see a lot and others on special occasions. A lot of energy and personalities will fill the room along with great aromas of foods.

There is always an opportunity to embrace SELF-NURTURING, but even more so now, everything is about NOW. In this moment of now, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precise as you should be. In this moment, there are limitless possibilities. In this moment, there is only now. In this moment, there is YOU!

Start to water the seeds of love within, open your heart mind with loving, appreciative thoughts. Shower yourself with extra care. Start by setting off your rockets of desire.

Maybe it is just a simple mantra;

May I be at peace with myself

May I be a loving presence

May I be whole and balanced

May I see only love.

May I take care of my body.

May I see the divinity in all I encounter.

What you give to yourself will be easy breezy to give and share with others when you hold space of gratitude for everything in your vortex. With all the boundaries that have been crossed because of the election and other issues; friends and relatives opposing one another this is the time to set an intention to Be Only A Loving Presence this Thanksgiving Day. Dolby Dharma

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at is destination full of hope.”

– Maya Angelou


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