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Living from the inside out!

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Living from the inside out!

It is hard to imagine that any of us are anything other than a ‘loving presence,’ but ‘life’ sometimes gets in the way of those deep feelings of joy, belonging and loving ourselves.

We often see our lives through an active external filter that changes the energy of our loving presence at a moment’s notice. Staying rooted in the calm during a windy day has its challenges.

When we feel expansive, free and the world is right we are expressing ourselves from the inside out; we are living out loud, living from our hearts, feeling joy filled, and feel nothing can stop us, are roots are strong.

The more present we live in our bodies, feel the moment of the direct experience, the less stressed out will be. Our beautiful heart lived moments will be as natural as we breathe.

Remember to call your spirit back when you feel you are leaving yourself to react or respond to the external world. That world will continue to spin its stories all day long, it is there for us to feel the contrast and know that we are a loving presence on a windy day!

Wake up each day, set an intention to live from the inside out. Carry what you want in your life, in your heart!



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“All I have to do is Dream.”

With the New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse today we can let things go that no longer serve us and prepare ourselves to receive our wishes, dreams, and desires.

Pisces is very porous, fluid, emotional and reasonable. Can I get a Whoa????Lots going on in the Piscean watery energy.

This is an opportunity to tap into your imaginations, bring out your inner happiness, cuz baby there is a whole lotta psychic sensitivity going on, and we need a spiritual awakening fast.

This New Moon shines for you today, and it is very dreamy in nature, so let’s cash in on the magic the Pisces New Moon is giving us. This moon rules our inner selves, the new moon is a fantastic time to prepare for things to come, that is why writing out your desires is powerful, mystical and can bring an awareness to what is hidden within. The energy for manifesting is going to be extremely high now, take full advantage and show yourself some love.

Believe in the power of the New Moon baby, cuz this is your opportunity to plant what you want to grow. We have fertility on our side now.

We all have things we want, but let’s use our power to manifest our feelings and states of being instead of something material to appear. The actual power lies within details. So, when you are dreaming up your wish, write out how it feels, looks, even textures if that applies. Our goals need details, belief, and instructions to ripen.

When we surrender to the flow openly, belief in our manifestation powers, this energy can be directed naturally and organically towards our highest path. 🌟🌟BAM🌟🌟 Dreams do come true for you.

Self-lovers there are NO rules, NO limits on your dreams, wishes, desires, so don’t hold back, dream exceptionally big, the Pisces New Moon is opening its portal for you. Beam me up!

Just let go and surrender, remain open to this magical higher power of life!Dolby Dharma

Reach as high as you can and then a little higher, that is where all the magic is and possibly something wonderful you never expected.

Mantra: It’s ALL about the LOVE baby!

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“Wake me Up!”

Self-love is our Greatest Love
Self-love is Unconditional love
Self-love Melts all blockages
Self-love Purifies the heart and soul
Self-love is Acceptance
Self-love is Free to be
Self-love in infectious
Self-love Affects
Self-love inspires
Self-love is Divine Source
Self-love is OMniPotence
Self-love the Greatest Healer on Earth
Self-love is Full-Time work with Great benefits

Mantra: I wear the crown of my authority with dignity and grace. Stay aligned to what you know is true, Self-love.

“There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”
– Hindu Proverb

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The Greatest Gift on Earth-YOU!

Imagine yourself as this gift we’ve all been waiting for. Bring more dance, joy, and music into your life by giving it away. Open your heart to an ever greater love and appreciation for the beauty in this life, for the people you encounter and for no other reason other because you can.

I am your vibrating soul.
I am the healing rain.
I am the invisible static highway.
I am your astral ride.
I am the sun, the moon, and the sky.

Mantra: I embrace my happy feelings and enjoy being content as I love and appreciate myself.

-:¦:-¸.´ .•´¨¨)) -:¦:-
((¸¸.•´ ....´..Explore your magic and mastery! -:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸.•´ ..´..•´ -:¦:- ..´ .•´¨¨)) -:¦:-


Brought to you by Dolby Dharma

This perfect moment is brought to you by the imaginary lightning bolts you can fling from your fingers anytime you want to. **Rob Brezsny

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” Oh, what a relief it is!”

Earth and all its inhabitants are so so beautiful and yet, with all its relentless propaganda it is enough to drive many of us bat shit crazy, doubt ourselves and push us to be and do things we are ‘not,’ for the sake of fitting in. With all its opinions on what to wear, how to look, where to eat, what to eat, what to believe, how to love, who to vote for, and the beat goes on and on and on. No wonder we lost our sense of wonder about who we are. We are so busy striking a pose somewhere on automatic pilot.

The whole point of self-love is to be free of the world’s curriculum of how we need to live. Helping others bring out their birthright beauty, truth, and badass one-of-A-kind persona is the best awareness to spread around, and we do that by allowing and embracing others to be who they are. Not by judging, not by telling them they are wrong, not by telling them the right way is. It is about embracing the freestyle they bring to the party.

Self-love is about having fun with yourself, owning and being ok with what you have; good sense, open-heart, and just flat out ability to wear yourself well.

The best outfit you can put on each day is your ‘humbleness suit’ and a smile. It soothes the soul immediately brings a peppy step to your swag.

The ‘tranquil ego’ is a major fashion statement and can be a beautiful trendsetter. Imagine walking about not getting emotionally agitated by the ebb and flow of life all the time. Oh, what a relief it is!

You are ONE Bodacious BadAss!.

RELENTLESS UNPRETENTIOUSNESS. Possessing a strong determination not to take yourself too seriously, not take your cherished beliefs too literally, and not take other people’s ideas about you too personally. Rob Brezsny/truth and beauty lab

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You are an Essential Being.
Loving yourself is like an extraordinary essential oil, a blend of beautiful notes that harmonize the body. Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, are fundamental to this planet as it is to your being.
Everything in the Universe which exists is composed of one or more of these energies, and so are we.
Your body bouquet:
You have the headnotes, These are the air qualities that connect you to the infinite Universe; the seeker, the awareness, a ‘Re-membering,’ the quest, the wind, thoughts, and the I AM.
I am the Universe; the Universe is me, together we are one. The heart map of it all. I AM Love.
You have the center notes, These are the embers; fire, heat, passion, courage, desire, the thrill, your creativity, and your lust for life.
That fireball that connects you, this is where all the excitement is swirling around. I Am Unstoppable.
Then there are the watery notes; your fluidity in life; emotions, healing, dreams, intuition; I am changeable.
The grounded notes, this is your foundation; the earth, your roots, family, connections, your harvest, your strength. I am Powerful.
I AM the Earth, the Wind, the Fire and the Air.
There is deep wisdom within our very flesh if we can only come to our senses and feel it. ~Elizabeth A. Behnke

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“I had Me at, Hello.”  🙉

A quote from Rob Brezsny outlaw category; SCHIZOFRIENDIA. Hearing voices in your head that are constantly supportive, encouraging, and keen to offer advice that helps you make the most of every experience. Love that!

No matter what, our inner voices talk incessantly, and we need to take notice. There is a whole team working for us or against us in our minds. Our thoughts and conversations have an impact whether we believe it or not. We can heal ourselves or hurt ourselves with the daily conversations and ideas we have for ourselves.

We all talk to ourselves. Hell, I have worked out so many problems having a detailed conversation with myself. That inner-voice is fantastic and comes in handy when I need a boost or solve a problem.

Take notice, when you catch yourself beating yourself up, change your focus and choose a belief that empowers you, inspires you and changes the energy direction in your body and in your life.

Today, I will remember that I have the power to turn any negative into a positive. It’s all up to me.

“I am often amused and sometimes amazed by the free-reign constructs of my mind. That is why I converse regularly with myself – I am one of my better friends…”
― Gavin Mills

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