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Look no further!

We look for love, inspiration, creativity, and beauty in others and do we really give a look at ourselves for those innate qualities?

True, we can BE and ARE inspired by other’s, loved by other’s, but when we rely on needing those aspects from or to confirm us, we lose sight of the magic we were born with. The life force within.

The ‘Magic Mirror’ is real people. The reflection has power.

You look into it every day. Take a good look and NOTICE who is looking back at you.

The primary inspiration, the beauty, love and creative force is alive; YOU… 😋

Mantra: I take a deep breath, lQQk into the mirror, and say, “I AM inspired by me. I AM creative, I AM beautiful.”

“Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation, but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous half possession. That which each can do best, none but his Maker can teach him.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance


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Stay in your own lane.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and telling her about something going on in my life and how I am handling the situation this time.

I was also reminded how good I felt about myself for actually practicing staying in my own lane when there is so much traffic. It is very easy sometimes to get caught up in other peoples jams.

No matter what the problem is, as you roll on by, it is best to give it a blessing and stay in your lane. You will feel so much better about yourself and no added drama.

Mantra: I act on the divine whispers of my intuition.

He that respects himself is safe from others.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Healing Heart!

Found this beautiful poem and remembered that life is not always easy for some of us.
We take the waking for granted at times and forget the great struggles. Like gravity holds the earth together and all its surroundings, our breath, our unknowing, and our beating hearts houses our spirit to begin again and again.
Love yourself more. Dolby Dharma

Mantra: My mind creates beautiful solutions for my life. I am powerful, I am a self-healer.

“When great disappointment shatters your world, peer through the cracks, there is infinite light streaming through holding you in the tenderness of endless love. When the day seems darker than a thundering sky, rise from your deep pain reach for my hand and I will walk with you and hand you the stars to guide you quaking journey. When waking is difficult, take a deep breath and let it flow out with tears that touch your weeping soul, find in that moment, the peace that keeps you in that quiet between, and lifts you to your feet to greet another day. Life holds the breath of another day, love holds the breath of your heart.”
Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Dela Wer Omar

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On Assignment

Once upon a time
the ancestors whispered
In my ears, cracked open my heart,
giggled within my belly and tickled my toes
with a curiosity of what I would discover and where I would go
They danced through my body and sang through my spirit
breathed within my soul
washed me in the living waters of the wisdom word
and bid me sing
Told me to shine like the sun
Said to me I am the one
I Am the I Am I am poetry
I am rhythm and rhyme
I am a miracle of snowflakes
I am sublime
I am an echo come back in real time
I am the Griot praise singing
I am a memory illuminating
I am a gift, a flash of light
A Holy Sight at tradition’s door
Improvising melodies
Through moments in time
Remembering who I am… remembering who you are…
On assignment…

© Lakiba Pittman


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The Expansion of YOU…

Turn on your Flash Light!

To experience your self-intimacy is to stand in your truth, to connect with and, accept all aspects of your loving nature-YOU.

The more you merge into yourself, the more you become more light; The inward journey leads you into the infinite love that you are; Leading you to merge with the oneness of life; the consciousness of everything, not as something separate from you, but with you, as you.

A knowing and compassion that encompasses self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness. That’s illumination.

Stand inside yourself, embrace and love your truth. It may be one of the most challenging things you ever do. However, it is most rewarding. Dolby Dharma

Mantra: I am a gift, I am a flash of pure light.

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“I went everywhere with
longing in my eyes,
until here, in my own home,
I felt Truth filling my sight.”

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What is not seen with the naked eye!

Ever notice how you feel when you come in contact with another person?
Do you avoid,or get a closer look/see/feel?
Do you get curious because of some strange feeling you experience and feel the need to know that person? 
Do you run like hell because that voice in side your head says; “Oh Hell No.” “Danger Will Robinson”?

When you are out and about, you are coming in contact with all kinds of people and can feel all sorts of feelings.
The most important feelings are the ones you feel about yourself. That is the ticket to ride here on planet Earth.

We impact each other all the time. When you are feeling good about yourself, it is amazing the types of people you draw into your vortex. Your chemistry is Unique, and it can infect or affect others.
Keep being the best version of YOU; that’s good chemistry.

Mantra: With others, I am more of who I am.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ~C.G. Jung

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New Moon, New Self, New beginnings.

Leo the Lion is a powerful force, it is the energy to claim your freedom, claim your birthright. Trust yourself, trust your feelings and most of all trust that your struggles will lead you to your liberation.

We constantly hear that everything in life happens for a reason. It really does because we give reason to the people, places, and situations that occur in our lives. 
The “reason” is something we create, reasons occur because we give it meaning.

Today, when you write down your New Moon wishes, be crystal clear about what you want, what you know you need in your life to reclaim the sum parts of the self that might be fragment. This New beginning is about wholeness, about a new start. Leo the Lion says, “Hear me roar, I AM powerful, and I AM making my stake in ME.

Leo is the sign of confidence, enthusiasm: and taking the reins to move forward. Use this New Moon energy wisely and let it guide you to be the best version of yourself no matter what life dishes up after all the lion has to eat.Dolby Dharma

Mantra: I wear the crown of my authority with dignity and grace.

“’It’s impossible,’ said pride. ‘It’s risky,’ said experience. ‘It’s pointless,’ said reason. ‘Give it a try,’ whispered the heart.” ~Unknown

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