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Give but DON”T Allow

Just a few tips to make your day great!

REminders are great REmembrances. All the love, kindness, joy, experiences are always within us.

We are clouded by the external negative news that we forget our own power to choose ourselves first, that we know what is best for us. So together let us REmember that, no time like this moment in time. Dolby Dharma

Speak out this affirmation for yourself today: I trust my first intuition. I know it’s right for me.

Every moment is the most important moment of your life.
No future time is better than now to let down your guard and love.
Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone.
Your posture can shine your heart, or transmit anxiety.
Your breath can radiate love, or muddy the room in depression.
Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom.
Your every act can open hearts and minds.
Opening from the heart to all, you live as a gift to all.
In every moment, you are either opening or closing.

Right now, you are choosing to open and give fully, or you are waiting?
~ Leave it on the field-Johnathan

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Love the Skin you’re in.

Your skin is a beautiful blanket that keeps you protected as you cruise here on planet earth.

During this Mercury Retro period which can have a significant energetic intensity. Take time to connect with the sun and benefit from the healing strength that it offers your body, mind, and spirit.

Allow the Sun to comfort you, heal you and invigorate your body. The Sun is your most natural free resource, it shines for YOU each and every day.

Take time for YOU- go outside, close your eyes and whisper, “Thank-you,” to the miracle in the sky. It gives without conditions.

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Not until I felt your sunshine,
Did I realize that I had been in the shade.
Not until I saw all your colors,
Did I realize that mine had faded.
Not until I heard your dreams,
Did I realize that I was still sleeping.
And not until I experienced my life with you,
Did I realize that I was barely
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun:

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You are the I AM

The storms of life are the fuel to put forth the plan for peace.
The rain is the love running in the veins of humanity.
The breath is the anchor of tranquility
Grace granted is YOU.

Love, peace, beauty, tranquility, and love…That is what YOU are. Believe in YOUR existence. YOU are the reason for everything exceptional.

Mantra; I AM nothing and everything.

This world’s magnetism is potent. It is a potent illusion. It is a potent image. Can you see through it? We need to take ourselves into the high consciousness if we are going to see this world for what it is and to see the truth of it.-John Morton, DSS

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You deserve as much of your own time and love as much as anyone else. Why is it that we are always so quick to drop ourselves when someone else needs something from us? And it appears that call to duty comes along when we are spent. Never fails. How often do we do something and deep within resent it? We feel sorry for ourselves, we are irritated. That is because we are out of balance with ourselves. No time like the moment to begin to take care of yourself and love yourself.

We are all so good at taking care of ourselves on the outside, but the most important part of your evolution is what is going on inside. Today is about shredding that tightrope. Finding your balance.

There is always time to take care of yourself. Make your life a priority. Don’t hesitate to say, “After me, you come first.”
There are NO benefits in putting ‘you’ on the back burner.

Today, I say NO… and YES to myself.!

Mantra: I connect to myself, I nurture myself from the inside out.

“Thank you for irritating me enough that I looked, and from that look, I had the wit to step in and balance the action.”
-John-Roger, DSS

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Let it all flow...

Be like the river and flow over the unexpected debris in life. Relax, and you won’t drown or be broken when you hit the obstacles in life. ♥

As long as you’re open, letting the love flow and directing your Light out, you are receiving and giving of Baraka, the Holy Spirit, the Light, and Sound. You are an instrument of Light. The Spirit uses you to bring Light into this physical realm, and it radiates from you to all others on this level.

-John-Roger, DSS

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It’s ALL about YOU baby!

It is important to take some alone time to readjust our energy. Most of us are ‘tuned in,’ ‘turned on’ to the energies of the world via some form or another.

These days we are just plugged into too many currents that can mess with the cells in our bodies without our permission, we are doing things we might not do if we were not washed over by all the invisible energy circulating around us.

Throughout the course of our days, we are devoting a lot of ourselves to other people and our day to day commitments. We must find the time to balance out by getting to know ourselves more and understanding our personal limits.

We give permission to a lot of things in our lives, but how often do we give ourselves permission to just hang-out with ourselves?
Being alone allows us to reboot, renew, and restore our body mind and energy. How do we do this? We just do, we make time, become a little ‘healthy selfish,’ set some boundaries. Hang out the “Do Not Disturb” sign, it is that easy.

We must close our eyes, go within and appreciate the silence, recognize ourselves but more importantly, honor the wholeness that we are.

INjoy yourself more! Dolby Dharma

“Learning to be alone, and enjoying it, is the most empowering gift you can give yourself.” ~ Steven Aitchison

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“Strike a Pose”
I am PATIENT and have enormous STRENGTH with myself and others. Sometimes it’s within the pauses that the greatest revelations come about.
Find your balance when you step outside.
Everything you need to find strength is in the pause, that is where the hidden treasure of a new perspective can be found.
When you refocus, you gather clarity on what matters most at that moment. This helps you remember you have powerful strengths that can be immediately used.
Today is a great day. Go out and play and marvel at your skills!
The Mantra:  I improvise, I adapt, and I overcome. I have found the treasure within.

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