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Wasted Time…

When you look back at your life, do you ruminate over the time you think you wasted or the energy you spent worrying about those who did not get you, or what you said or did not say or do?

I believe something else unforeseen happens for us even though it might feel otherwise contrary when we start that internal interrogation.

The wasted time is the opportunity to learn, grow and gain wisdom. The alone time is what that in-between state of lost time is, an opportunity to expand.

In life for all the things, people or places that we see as negative there is always a positive presence on the horizon waiting to show us who we are, waiting for the ‘AHA,’ now I get
it, or ‘WOW’ I did not know it would be so much better.

It appears we are all seeking something, feeling the need to be busy, accomplish this, that and the other; we are on the hunt for more money, love, happiness, healing, etc.

Without that ‘wasted time’ the ‘downtime’ how would we ever know ourselves at its deepest? That wasted time is the connection, the conduit to the vast mystery of energy that keeps things flowing.

The next time you are experiencing ‘wasted time,’ Chill out into that space and know that nothing is ever wasted except worrying about what you think you have lost. Lean into the void and know things are about to shift.

Today, I am at peace with everything I feel. Nothing is ever wasted.

The time you enjoy wasting was not wasted. – John Lennon


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One day I changed because I wanted to.

What makes humanity fascinating is that we are different in our unique expression. Just look around at all the different cultures and see how they choose to represent themselves.

There are many types of people and personalities in life, and we choose to select traits, clothing, persona, and ways of being that we resonate with and then make them our own.
In a way they are our own, no two people wear the same thing alike. It’s a beautiful thing this change and freedom to be.

Our internal expression, how we feel about ourselves or what we give permission to is the driving force behind the adornments we wear or the persona we might adopt to show the world. The internal self-doesn’t lie.

Whatever it is that you choose to show up in; wear yourself well… Own it… Embrace it… And never allow anyone to tell you different.

It is just an opinion, not truth and most likely not yours.
While the advice of others can sometimes offer you more clarity, remember, people can only give suggestions that would be best for them and their own path. Ultimately you must come back to claim and give yourself permission to be the empowered co-creator of YOUR life expression to find your way to the decisions that best match you, your unique path, and your energetics.

Today I welcome my individuality, my unique expression and remind a friend to do the same. We are all exceptional in our way.

When you are nervous, you are not yourself. When you are self-conscious, you are not your true Self; you are afraid, there is a slight trembling inside because others are going to judge whether they appreciate you or not – fear has entered.

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Shifting the Focus.

The struggle is the focus most of the time. We all have those obsessive thoughts that just won’t go away. We torture ourselves with our internal dialogue beating ourselves up for shit that is not going our way. Constantly in judgment about our lives.

What we focus on really does manifests itself in life. We like to say it is other external forces that made ‘IT’ happen, but the truth is we are co-creating with the energy of life, and we vibrate with that which the focus is on. Good news, as long as we are breathing, we can begin again. We can create a shift.

What can we do?

Shit the focus; practice making one or as many as you can handle positive affirmations about yourself each morning, say; I love and accept myself, or you can simply say; I am at peace, I feel good about myself.
I got this day. I am in the balance of my life. These are just a few affirmations to start to shift the focus and create a vibrational change.

Baby steps, baby! That is how change begins. Let nothing disturb you.

Today I remember that I am a WARRIOR. I can achieve that in which I believe. My confidence overpowers my self-doubt.

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Howl at the New Moon this weekend and plant vibrational seeds of change that you want for yourself.

You are powerful, you are a healer, you are a shape shifter, you are eternal.

Like the wolf, you are a GREAT warrior. The instincts within you are that of Victory, internal awareness, and rebirth.

Call upon your wolf energy within, get ready to explore and gain insight as you plant your seeds of change. ” The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest.”

Mantra: I AM at one with my Spirit.

Inside of you is the only place you can change anything.
That is where everything lives.-John-Roger

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I AM a Believer in me…

You are always evolving, always changing in subtle ways. Becoming aware of YOUR internal power is FREEDOM to help navigate your highest BEcoming.

Our fears, beliefs and external lives are constantly shaping who we are NOT. I am a huge believer in ‘Acting as if,’ to create change.

Acting “as if” is way underestimated.

If you start acting grateful, you will be grateful and find gratitude in areas of your life that you might not have noticed.
If you are grateful, you will start feeling self-assured. If you are self-assured, you will start feeling safe. If you feel safe, then you will start to feel your creative juices flow. Result=All things possible within you.

The only way change occurs within is to start changing how you think and feel about yourself and the life you live; ‘Act as if’ that change has already occurred. Because when you do, everything changes; the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of you.

When you begin to allow the ‘Act as if’ into your life, your desirable changes take on a life of its own, and everything opens up for you. Try it and see what happens for you.

You just might get it all.
Dolby Dharma   😜

“The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

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The wild side of life!

Commit to your UNpreDictaBle self!
Do something that you would love to do but won’t because you feel it is not you. Make some UNordiNary bold choices and feel what significant changes happen to you, for you, by you; experience yourself and boldly go openly, it just might surprise you. Change you in ways you have dreamed of.

Aim high for the open sky, don’t delay your self-discovery any longer. You deserve to experience the best parts of the undiscovered YOU.

The warrior is out of the bag; arrow pointed straight up!

The Universe takes its cue from you baby.

Shout it out; “Get ready cuz here I come.”

Turn on your BoDacioUs trait; I believe we have forgotten how important that aspect of ourselves contributes to our well-being; how to get down to it and party with ourselves. Get a little crazy and let it all hang out. Why not… Dolby Dharma

Mantra: I commit to my magnificence.

“She had a wild, wandering soul
but when she loved, she loved with chaos and that made all the difference.”
― Ariana Dancu

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Ocean of time…


“We are like tides and waves of the vast ocean.
Sometimes we are gentle, and sometimes we can be disruptive. However, like the waves that come and go we never stay on the beach for very long.

We always move away from what was; we change and never come back in the same shape, way of being or form.”
Make allowances for positive change in yourself, because without flexibility we cease to exist. You are the great ocean that brings nourishment to life. NEVER forget that. ♥



Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress. ~~Bruce Barton

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