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The day has dawned, and you are here with another day to expand, raise your vibration and create your own sunshine. We don’t give it much thought about waking up, again and again, we kinda take that for granted. Time for a mental cleanse.


When your eyes open up each AM smile at the notion that you are limitless, you get to set the tone of the day. It’s a good feeling that first breath of awareness.

Why not set an intention of clear vision and inspired action. It’s within you, just believe it, feel it and breathe it into your BEing.

You are not what happened yesterday, or even last night. Your sleep is the plugin to recharge, reclaim and reinvent yourself today.

You got this, you can do it you just have to believe in YOU and want it.

Say out loud; “I review the actions and beliefs that limit me. I ask Spirit to remove all that interferes with my ultimate growth and success.” and simply let go and see what happens.
YOU got this, you always do


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Inner Retreat!

Have you even just put yourself in Child’s Pose AKA Balasana (bah-LAHS-uh-nuh). This pose is a common beginner’s yoga pose. It is often used as a resting position in between more challenging poses during a yoga practice. The word “Balasana” comes from the Sanskrit words “bala” (meaning “child”) and “asana” (meaning “pose”). “How To Do Child’s Pose In Yoga – Yogaoutlet.com.

Try it sometimes; it is a feeling that cradles your entire being in pure comfort and love. For me it is a sacred space where I can feel my breath, feel my emotions and feel my physical body. I feel swaddled like a new born. I feel safe. It is a posture of prayer and devotion.

The next time you are feeling sad, stressed, anxious, unloved; take a moment to nurture your worthy self, make this a daily ritual for a few moments in the AM to set your intention for the day.

Everything you need is within the comfort of your inner-child, just ask it what it wants.

Experience the many benefits of this posture; opens the back door to your heart, Childs pose stretches your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the legs that carry you onward and forward.

Most self-discovered feelings come from that moment you stop, listen and realize what matters in life; Self-love, self-care, and self-discovery.

Mantra: I embrace my inner fortitude. I open to all creation.

Lose yourself in your breath~Dolby Dharma

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“Get Lost!”

Time to have a little ‘ME’ time and disconnect from the LOUDNESS of life even if it is only for a few minutes. In fact, it is best to start with just a few minutes until you start to feel the amazing benefits for yourself, then your body will direct how much time it needs. Restorative Asanas are one of the best ways to find yourself, feel yourself and refresh your whole being.

In Yoga, there are many restorative postures, asanas, poses whatever word describes it for you. My favorite is Child’s Pose, Bālāsana, or Child’s Resting Pose, it just feels so good for my body, it is super relaxing, calms my mind and opens the back- heart space to allow all that divine energy to enter. That is where I feel absolutely rested, revived and happy, I just let it all go. We all need recovery time from our busy lives, and it is amazing how many of us don’t take those moments for ourselves. Come on make a commitment, you deserve it!

Self-Love is about self-care, together they create a vibrational match for a smoother full body life. Find something that you can do for yourself and make it a practice and commit to yourself.

Here are just a few benefits you will harvest from restoration:
💗You will deeply relax which allows for healing.
💗Slow breathing; your nervous system will thank you.
💗Quiets your mind to allow for clear thinking.
💗Gain compassion and understanding for yourself.
💗It is the good mood drug of choice.
💗Most of all your body will love you back.

Mantra: I give myself some quality ‘ME’ time, I am worth it.

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. – Etty Hillesum

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