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Emotions rhyme with Ocean with good reason I bet.
If you watch the waves dance from the shore, you can just feel the vitality. If you go for a swim, you can feel the energy, the power, the mastery and perfection in the current. No wonder there; We are made up of water, and we move like the ocean.

When the waves are BIG, the wake that follows goes deep, pulls back and has a strong current that sets up for the next wave to come. That ebb and flow create a rhythmic dance.

Emotionally we embody the oceans currents. That is most likely why we love going to the beach so much, we are a vibrational match. We go where we are nourished unconditionally, where we connect to our relationship with ourselves and something far greater than we can see.

It is not possible to always be high or low all the time, it is not how life rolls. What goes up, will come down eventually and for a good reason; sanity, rebalancing, and downtime.

INjoy the ebbs and flows of life, when the downtime happens that is the perfect opportunity to rest, restore and rejuvenate and reawaken yourself. Listen to the whisper of the waves, that is where you will discover yourself more. Dolby Dharma

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Ocean of time…


“We are like tides and waves of the vast ocean.
Sometimes we are gentle, and sometimes we can be disruptive. However, like the waves that come and go we never stay on the beach for very long.

We always move away from what was; we change and never come back in the same shape, way of being or form.”
Make allowances for positive change in yourself, because without flexibility we cease to exist. You are the great ocean that brings nourishment to life. NEVER forget that. ♥



Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress. ~~Bruce Barton

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Let it all flow...

Be like the river and flow over the unexpected debris in life. Relax, and you won’t drown or be broken when you hit the obstacles in life. ♥

As long as you’re open, letting the love flow and directing your Light out, you are receiving and giving of Baraka, the Holy Spirit, the Light, and Sound. You are an instrument of Light. The Spirit uses you to bring Light into this physical realm, and it radiates from you to all others on this level.

-John-Roger, DSS

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Blinded by the Light, saved by the Shadow

Accepting ourselves means embracing our inner darkness which allows us the ability to find our balance versus living to deny the shadow aspects of ourselves, which only creates disharmony and chaos in our lives and throws us overboard.

When we acknowledge the dark side within we can take responsibility for ourselves and know ourselves more and maybe a little at a time we come out of hiding.

By being honest with ourselves, owning the shadow self, it reminds us of our humanness and our ability to face these feelings, habits, behaviors that come and go; as they are a part of life, our constant evolution.

To experience what it is to embrace Self-love is, to be brave when the darkness comes, and it will. Like a moon lite night, many things are exposed that are otherwise blinded by the light. That is the perfect time for restoration, change and seeking a deeper meaning into the human underworld of emotions that are hidden.

“I take charge of my life and turn up the intensity of goodness. I set my dials on harmony, balance, abundance, perfect health, loving relationships, fantastic opportunities, and everything else that my heart desires. I follow my guidance and keep my arms open to receive.”~Doreen Virtue

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Day Five of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute challenge: Passion

Today I invite you to unwrap your passion in whatever you are doing, really dig in and give it your heart and spirit. It doesn’t matter what it is, it can be: having lunch with a friend, hanging out with yourself, doing nothing but relaxing and feeling good about it, helping people, or just having a conversation with a stranger.

Tap into how you are feeling while doing it. If you felt joy, there’s a hint of what you are passionate about right there at that moment and the beauty is passion is the gift that keeps on giving, it keeps evolving as you move through life.

Passion doesn’t necessarily mean work or a particular talent, it just means being in the moment with whatever you are doing. Passion is NOT a “niche”. You can be passionate all over the place.

Passion is the journey of our day-to-day life. Passion is enlivenment.
Passion is an emotion to be acted upon at the moment something shows up, and you feel drawn to open up more. Passion is about uncovering your authentic self. Passion is about discovery; it is the day-to-day hidden treasures that are right in you, around you and in front of you. Passion is the ebb and flows of life. Passion is not something to get, it is YOU.

Allow your passion to bubble up and out. Find what you are passionate about just for today? Live your Joy! Life will just get better and better.

Today’s Affirmation: I AM a passionate life. I feel my passion with every breath. I am alive with passion.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” -Oprah Winfrey

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Let yourself receive!

What a great feeling it is to let go and allow yourself to receive all the gifts life offers. When we receive, it allows the giver to feel joy. Giving and receiving is a two-way exchange of energy that can nourish and nurture both parties.

I know many people who are uncomfortable with receiving or taking anything. I once asked a friend why it was hard to accept; she replied, “I would feel like I owe them something, or I was obligated to return the favor in kind.” How sad not to feel worthy of a gift of any kind, love, monetary, or just a compliment without feeling you must give it back.

I know when I give my, time, money, energy, love, and kindness; I am giving with an open heart because it gives me pleasure. It is the ebb and flow of an open-hearted energy exchange of what life is all about.

It took me a long time to kick it back and receive. I was always the doer, rescuer, and the giver. In some ways, it gave me some control over the situation. Receiving was perceived to be a weakness, that I needed something. When the ‘AHA’ moment came to me that I was robbing another of an opportunity to give, I learned to say, “Thank You.” The more I engaged in that, the better I began to feel about letting go and receiving the gifts I deserved and witnessed the pleasure the giver received.

Growing up being the oldest of nine I was always the caregiver, the doer and just giving my time and energy to keep it all together. I guess you could say it was an occupational birth order hazard.
The automatic mother in me! It took me many many years to let go of being the one to give up myself and allow others the pleasure of giving.

The act of receiving and being open also brings us many other blessings; renewed sense of self, you are more creative and have more energy, and rightfully so, you are finding your balance, you don’t feel drained, there is a reason to express your creative side. The more you open and receive life’s gifts, you release stagnant energy in the body that has been blocked being on the one-way highway and you begin to heal in miraculous ways.

Open up to receiving, when you need something; reach out and ask, you will never know the answer if you don’t ask the question. People are good natured and want to help in any way they can, they don’t read minds, they feel the energy. Find your balance, let love in, and let the help of another ease your daily burdens.

Love is in you and all around you. Just expand your heart and allow life to fill you with the healing balm of love. YOU deserve it! Dolby Dharma

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