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Rituals and Ceremonies

Rituals can be an essential contribution to self-care.
When we focus on a specific ceremony it becomes a repetition that provides us with a reminder to make space for yourself.
Creating space gives us a sense of empowerment over our lives and allows us to go within and check in on ourselves bringing us into the moment.

Everything we do is sacred. Think about it, our breath, our presence, how we express our emotions, all things we do as a human are sacred rituals. Most of these are automatic and reactive.

The ceremonies I am talking about our the ‘conscious’ ones that we deliberately create to give ourselves the love, self-care that seems to get put on the back burner. We are either too busy and/or distracted; hence, we forget how important it is to create space for ourselves, which can result in a breakdown or breakthrough depending on how present we are to ourselves.

An example of a ritual that most of us do is celebrate our birthdays once a year or New Years.
Truth is we need more sacred space, not just birthdays or other main events.

Rituals give us a way to release, end or begin something new. It allows us to put our desires, wishes, dreams into action actively. It makes the everyday life special, and it creates dimension, layers, depth, and distinction to whatever it is we are co-creating with during our ceremonies. Setting up some quality time for ourselves is a ritual in itself.

What sacred rituals or ceremonies do you perform to honor the wholeness that you are?

Today Start with what matters most…YOU! Dolby Dharma

“The smudging ceremony is a custom of Native American and other indigenous cultures. For centuries many cultures have used smudging as a way to create a cleansing smoke bath that is used to purify the body, aura, energy, ceremonial/ritual space or any other space and personal articles. Smudging is performed to remove negative energy as well as for centering and healing. Our bodies and environments are not only physical but vibrate with invisible, silent energy. “~powwow-power.


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Wasted Time…

When you look back at your life, do you ruminate over the time you think you wasted or the energy you spent worrying about those who did not get you, or what you said or did not say or do?

I believe something else unforeseen happens for us even though it might feel otherwise contrary when we start that internal interrogation.

The wasted time is the opportunity to learn, grow and gain wisdom. The alone time is what that in-between state of lost time is, an opportunity to expand.

In life for all the things, people or places that we see as negative there is always a positive presence on the horizon waiting to show us who we are, waiting for the ‘AHA,’ now I get
it, or ‘WOW’ I did not know it would be so much better.

It appears we are all seeking something, feeling the need to be busy, accomplish this, that and the other; we are on the hunt for more money, love, happiness, healing, etc.

Without that ‘wasted time’ the ‘downtime’ how would we ever know ourselves at its deepest? That wasted time is the connection, the conduit to the vast mystery of energy that keeps things flowing.

The next time you are experiencing ‘wasted time,’ Chill out into that space and know that nothing is ever wasted except worrying about what you think you have lost. Lean into the void and know things are about to shift.

Today, I am at peace with everything I feel. Nothing is ever wasted.

The time you enjoy wasting was not wasted. – John Lennon

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Magical Mystery Tour.

We are all travelers here, at least that is what I would like to believe. Never discount the power of yourself. We are all here for each other, that is our ticket to ride.

We keep waiting for the Aliens to show up, Hell, maybe we are the traveling aliens.

There is this saying, “if you want to hide something that can’t be found, keep it in plain sight.”

That is the problem with looking outside yourself for anything… You can’t find it. Trust yourself, your instincts and relish in how powerful you are.

You are here to share your wisdom, we all have an abundance of knowledge, we all have gifts and talents; even the not so pleasant experiences bring us information about ourselves. Each day when you wake up and tool around town you are sharing yourself with other BEings.

We all expand or contract because of each other, one way or another. It is just a fact of life. We get to choose how to live with all this wisdom and experiences that come our way, and we choose how we dish out. Nest stop?

“Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!” Dolby Dharma

The value of the Mystical Traveler is that it has traversed the realms of Light, extended itself into the physical form, and now uses the physical form to bring you the teachings on a verbal level. It explains to you that there is more to your existence than your body, mind, or emotions, that you are more than your physical expression.-John-Roger, DSS

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The Fools Journey…

I am a ray of light
in search of myself…
My head aloft,
I wander the Earth,
a Fool.
I chose to come here,
in a timeless
moment of forgetfulness,
and I must refine my vision
as I walk this path of return.
But the precipice yawns before me.
I can fall into the gaping chasm…
but I know that Thy hand will steady me.
May I always remember my Divine origin,
a pure spirit
forged from the Holy Fire:
poised, vigilant, awake…
I am now ready to overcome the obstacles
that Thou must put before me… And so it is…
Stephen W. Sterling, tarot passages

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When the going gets rough, and the wounds are open...

The beauty about tough times is an opportunity to connect to ourselves in a healing way. I believe wounds, hard-times are the ‘awareness call’ bringing you closer to yourself, teaching you to trust, heal and love yourself just the way you are.

It is a practice not to judge yourself or put yourself down when things are going sideways, especially when you feel it was something you could have avoided or a choice that your gut said, “NO” to and you did it anyway.

The best way out is in, just move through whatever it is that has you not feeling so good about you. Practice not going over it again and again in your mind, it won’t help. Do not put guilt on yourself that is a heavy burden to carry around. Just let it be for now. Let love and kindness towards yourself lick your wounds.

You are powerful, confident and a warrior; you are the only one who knows how to champion your life. Grace and Grit are the healing salves.

Just for today say out loud: “Letting ‘IT’ be is my happiest moment.” I trust my higher self, I listen with love to my inner voice, I release all that is unlike the action of love…
And so it is. Dolby Dharma

“Wounds don’t heal the way you want them to, they heal the way they need to. It takes time for wounds to fade into scars. It takes time for the process of healing to take place. Give yourself that time. Give yourself that grace. Be gentle with your wounds. Be gentle with your heart. You deserve to heal.”
— Dele Olanubi

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Total Solar Eclipse/New Leo Moon of the body-mind…

Powerful day already set in motion with the Total Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Leo; it is the perfect opportunity to renew, reflect and restore yourself while creating positive change.

Take this energetic surge and break out your mantras, prayers, and rituals and shower yourself with Love, bathe the cells in your beautiful being with this transformational healing energy.

Time to cultivate.
The New Moon in Leo is the perfect opportunity for internalizing and looking within yourself. Time to plant your seeds of intention.

The Total Solar Eclipse has the energy to hibernate even if only for a few moments; go within; center yourself and expand on building self-confidence by discovering new path as a distinct individual and expressing yourself confidently and letting go of limiting attitudes and beliefs that prevent you from pursuing this most auspicious path forward.

This is a time to celebrate yourself the portals of life are open, the energy spiraling.

Mantra: I go within and use this energy wisely.

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I AM You are We are all together.

I am not a religious person in the sense I practice any one faith in particular. My practice is always one of love; love for myself and love of others.

What I do believe is that we are a piece of something far greater than we can imagine, and we do, there are so many theories of our greatness that we are always seeking to tap into. Our potential appears to be limitless, and we prove that daily.

I believe that everything is inside me and outside me. Kinda cool to think I am the part of the action everywhere. I am always striving to tap into my resources to raise my vibration and feel the best about myself regardless of what others may think. I AM who I am… I love that.

God is a powerful word that creates all kinds of feelings for us, and each one of us is very unique and has their own idea of what God is to them. That is beautiful. That is what makes you, me and everyone else an original part of this grand masterpiece we call life.

You are a God unto yourself, there is magic within your bones. If you have the energy of God living within you, what is it that you cannot do or become? Despite what you have been told, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Listen to your heart, answer your soul’s calling and stand in all that you are. YOU are powerful-Believe in that.

Worship in the church of your own heart
Be a living, loving presence as you navigate this life.

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