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New Moon Blessings for a New You

A little journal exercises to do this AM; write out your New Moon wishes, hopes, and dreams. Be very clear about what it is you want to bring forward because the energy is filled with force.

This dominant New M🌑🌑N is quite intense and is willing to give. 
You know the saying; be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and then some.

On this Scorpio Moon go outside as much as possible and be with the Earth, nature is quite healing and is always abundant. LQQk up in the big sky and embrace what is above is so below.

Scorpio is Earthly on a deep spiritual plain, and it is a natural healing source that only you can tap into; those who acknowledge it and those who are open to receiving and of course, those who don’t know, believe or could care less get the benefits too. LOL

YOU are intuitive, listen and feed the energies within. Scorpio is a psychic/intuitive sign, and we all benefit from its presence today.

Honor Mother Earth, honor yourself and honor the breath of life.

The Sun and Moon (the New Moon), are in Scorpio WHOA!
Can I get an “AHA” on that one?

Remember that a New Moon is an opportunity to begin a new cycle, a fresh start. This New Moon is about putting YOU into action.
It starts with the magical YOU!

Today stand in your authentic resonance and say out loud or to yourself; “I AM.”

Make a wish and watch it come true. 🙏😎


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Traditionally, happy hour is slated for 5 PM. We’ve all heard the slogan, it’s 5 O’clock somewhere. We look forward to happy hour, a time to relax, unwind and socialize.

A little side note here: “ironically, you can thank prohibition for the boozy practice as we know it today and the U.S. Navy for the upbeat name. The first documented “happy hours” in the United States were held by the Navy as early as 1914 — but they had very little to do with alcohol.” It took place for the navy to give them a break from boredom at sea. It was their weekly entertainment, something to look forward to. -quoted from Huffington post

For me, Happy Hour begins at 5 AM, and it does not involve alcohol either haha. I look forward to stepping outside and looking up at the sky, checking out the constellations and the amaZing moon when present.

I begin with a salutation, set an intention, which sets the tone for a great day. As soon as my peepers open up, I am happy, that is my ‘happy hour’ I am grateful for another day. I feel great.

Today, make space for a personal ‘happy hour’. Your inner compass knows the time!

What is your happy hour? We all have one and the good news is you can set the time you feel brings you, your ‘happy hour.’ If you don’t have a so-called happy hour, create one for yourself, it will give you something to look forward to.

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Inner Retreat!

Have you even just put yourself in Child’s Pose AKA Balasana (bah-LAHS-uh-nuh). This pose is a common beginner’s yoga pose. It is often used as a resting position in between more challenging poses during a yoga practice. The word “Balasana” comes from the Sanskrit words “bala” (meaning “child”) and “asana” (meaning “pose”). “How To Do Child’s Pose In Yoga – Yogaoutlet.com.

Try it sometimes; it is a feeling that cradles your entire being in pure comfort and love. For me it is a sacred space where I can feel my breath, feel my emotions and feel my physical body. I feel swaddled like a new born. I feel safe. It is a posture of prayer and devotion.

The next time you are feeling sad, stressed, anxious, unloved; take a moment to nurture your worthy self, make this a daily ritual for a few moments in the AM to set your intention for the day.

Everything you need is within the comfort of your inner-child, just ask it what it wants.

Experience the many benefits of this posture; opens the back door to your heart, Childs pose stretches your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the legs that carry you onward and forward.

Most self-discovered feelings come from that moment you stop, listen and realize what matters in life; Self-love, self-care, and self-discovery.

Mantra: I embrace my inner fortitude. I open to all creation.

Lose yourself in your breath~Dolby Dharma

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