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Loves Ambiguity!

Love is always ambiguous to me; The cocktail of life created for the human race to drink up. I have often felt like Alice in Wonderland when it comes to love, a most intoxicating adventure for real. Each soul you engage with adds a little more flavor to the drink.

We sometimes drink too much and get hung over…LOL but we still drink the kool-aid again and again, and why not? After all, love is the uphill means to a new beginning. 

Below are excerpts. By Rob Brezsny

Love thrives when neither partner takes things personally, so cultivate a devotion to forgiveness and divest yourself of the urge to blame.

Love is a game in which the rules keep changing, so be crafty and improvisational as you stay alert for each unexpected twist of fate.

Love enmeshes you in your partner’s unique set of karmic complications, so make sure you’re very interested in his or her problems.

Love is a laboratory where you can uncover secrets about yourself that have previously been hidden, so be ravenously curious.

Love is never a perfect match of entirely compatible saints, so don’t let sterile fantasies seduce you away from flawed but fecund realities.

Love is not a low-maintenance machine, so work hard on cultivating its unpredictable organic wonders.

Love is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of DreamWorks or Disney, so don’t let your romantic story be infected by the entertainment industry’s simplistic, sentimental myths about intimate relationships.

Anything you’d like to add?


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Mirror work…

She looked at herself in the mirror and said, “My time is valuable and I’m not going to waste it having hurt feelings. No one can hurt my feelings unless I let them and I’ve decided I’m not going to let them.” – Queenisms™

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Begin again and ask for what you need.

What else is there but to begin again each moment.
Forget the next day, just know each moment is an opportunity for you to be, have and create the life you deserve now.
There are plenty of resources waiting for you to use them.

With clear vision and inspired action…You got this.

…One thing leads to another without a doubt.

Mantra; I claim my purpose in this moment.

“If the Angel comes, it will be because you have convinced her, not by tears, but by your humble resolve to always be a beginner.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

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Ask, and you shall receive.
Time to think about YOU in a healthy manifesting way. I know this works because I have done this many times in my life. Time to commit to YOU. When we focus our attention on specific things, we usually receive them in some way or another. You have to fine-tune your mind to wrap your brain around that truth. Most of us give something a 2-second attention span and then commit to saying it doesn’t work.
Think of the complainer, they are always right… life sucks because they are in constant turmoil and can’t see how they are energetically manifesting that lifestyle.
In order to change things up, we have to be active participants in our change. I know the internal shift can be difficult sometimes especially when the chaos is overwhelming. But all things eventually pass, subside and become history. But…The ever-present but, we are powerful, we are energy, and we can get what we want.
Don’t call up self-perpetuating circumstances that are in the neg. Call up what your heart desires. Try it….You just might get what you want and then some.
I invite you to write the following on a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow, alter or special box. You can even burn it and send it out to the universe.
“I, [put your name here], do solemnly swear on this day [put date here] that I will devote myself for a period of seven days to learning my most important desire. No other thought will be more uppermost in my mind. No other concern will divert me from tracking down every clue that might assist me in my drive to ascertain the one experience in this world that deserves my brilliant passion above all others.” Rob Brezsny
Start today; I set my mind to what I want, and that’s exactly how it unfolds. I have my objective clearly printed in your mind.
Have fun with this…

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Breath of Fresh Air!

Walk away from anything that doesn’t come easily today and make spiritual balance your priority. Walk towards anything that will free you up. Become that breath of fresh air.

Play a game; Write a few options that you have wanted to do, put them in a bowl and mix them up and pick one. Commit to YOU, to having a relaxing day. Take time out for yourself today, don’t delay. Restoration creates an elixir within, it restores the natural essence of why we are here to thrive and be enlivened.

Marylin Paul writes, “We cannot protect ourselves from hardship, but we can return to our island of tranquility and connection once a week, and in so doing become resourceful enough to rise to our challenges and stand up with vigor and vitality to the at times overwhelming forces of life. Week by week, you’ll turn to your oasis time with relief.” ~”Finding Rest In A World That Just Wants You To Keep Going …”

Step into the still, deep, and renewing waters of restoration, communion, and grace.

YOU deserve a Me day!

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The day has dawned, and you are here with another day to expand, raise your vibration and create your own sunshine. We don’t give it much thought about waking up, again and again, we kinda take that for granted. Time for a mental cleanse.


When your eyes open up each AM smile at the notion that you are limitless, you get to set the tone of the day. It’s a good feeling that first breath of awareness.

Why not set an intention of clear vision and inspired action. It’s within you, just believe it, feel it and breathe it into your BEing.

You are not what happened yesterday, or even last night. Your sleep is the plugin to recharge, reclaim and reinvent yourself today.

You got this, you can do it you just have to believe in YOU and want it.

Say out loud; “I review the actions and beliefs that limit me. I ask Spirit to remove all that interferes with my ultimate growth and success.” and simply let go and see what happens.
YOU got this, you always do

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The Fools Journey…

I am a ray of light
in search of myself…
My head aloft,
I wander the Earth,
a Fool.
I chose to come here,
in a timeless
moment of forgetfulness,
and I must refine my vision
as I walk this path of return.
But the precipice yawns before me.
I can fall into the gaping chasm…
but I know that Thy hand will steady me.
May I always remember my Divine origin,
a pure spirit
forged from the Holy Fire:
poised, vigilant, awake…
I am now ready to overcome the obstacles
that Thou must put before me… And so it is…
Stephen W. Sterling, tarot passages

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