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You have enough personality and magnetism to do without any superior authority. Have faith in yourself, in your ideas and your initiatives. Hold your head high and persevere, and you will move forward without problems, even in the most delicate or hazardous of times. All things come and go.

Today I march to the beat of my own drummer. I self-authorize and self-validate my own ideas, instincts, and beliefs.

“To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself.”
― Albert Einstein


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Claim ticket…

Sometimes we just don’t we feel we are________.
Just know that you are always protected, nurtured, loved and admired just the way you are. It might not feel like it at times, but it is true. There is a higher power within waiting for you to claim these unseen energies.
Believe that truth and know it is so, that is the fuel for the heart-mind. That is your ticket to ride.

You are powerful…You create change…You are abundant at all times.

Reach into your heart and find the resources that you have stored within. You got this!

Today pour yourself into your heart and fill it up so that it flows with love first for yourself and then for others; act as if everything you do is going to be reflected right back at you.

The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another. ~Thomas Merton

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Create Space for Self-Expression

Do something creative, and UNordinary for yourself today.

Self-care takes great courage, and it starts with accepting and loving yourself deservingly; allowing wonderment and creativity to enter and expand into your life.

Creativity helps you to BE expressed. Putting yourself and your desires on the todo ‘list of Life.’ When you are making choices and taking chances, it can only Enhance YOU.
It’s a ‘Doing.’ It is taking action and setting your creative juices in motion. Today is the day!

Being expressed, healed, and seen is a service to yourself as well as to humanity. A gift to the planets.

When we begin to heal, we become amended versions of ourselves.

When you are seen and heard and begin to witness yourself; your version of creativity, your truth and beauty radiate and affect everything and everyone around you.

And when you express, heal and shine, you help others to do the same. Be creative and joy-filled for no reason.

Love wholeheartedly, be surprised, give thanks and praise – then you will discover the fullness of your life. ~David Steindl

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Keep being UNdeniably YOU!

Don’t worry about being accepted, fear about how YOU embrace yourself. Practice not getting caught up in what gets dictated as “The right way to live or be.” But commit to your unique worthiness and your self-expression.

When you find yourself getting attached to labels and stories, and feeling less than or left out, remind yourself that those attributes are not YOU.

When you start to believe that your way of being is right for you, you are following your bliss. You begin to align more with peace, joy, and love. When you call your spirit back your thoughts away from other people’s views, opinions, and criticisms you will start to feel an elevation in your true nature; and know you have arrived.
Live free… live light…Dolby Dharma🍾

Mantra: I Commit myself to my true nature which is worthiness.

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.”
― Frederick Douglass

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Expose yourself to receive your deepest desires.

If you have been struggling to infuse some joy and/or wishes fulfilled into your life. Create some magic including some rituals that introduce your mind with feel-good thoughts and possibilities. We often get caught up in the day to day chores and forget about putting our needs, wants and desires first.

You are essential…You matter and creating some fun is a necessary component to living fully; embrace that thought and allow your heart to feel that expansion. Don’t forget to put a smile on your face while dreaming about what it is you desire.

Don’t be surprised when a feather falls out of the sky and your deepest heartfelt desires come to fruition. Expose yourself to the fascinating gifts life has to offer, just set your intention, it is all waiting for you to ask.

Just for today, remain open…
My life is my message.
My gift is my presence.
My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude.
I remain open to life.
I love myself, I celebrate myself.
I live my life with myself.
I will not let fear, rejection or being disliked, stop me from being myself or loving myself, or have my dreams come true.
When I give myself-myself.
I give the world the best of me.

“If I love myself 💜I love you 💜 If I love you. 💜I love myself.” ~Rumi

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Fertilize your Phenomenal

We are ALL the same but Uniquely different.

Let’s drown in a sea of love, and it begins with YOU.

Most people are looking to another for guidance, connection, approval, etc. Be that Humble Guru who sets the trend for what self-love might look like, and we know it can look like something different for each of us, but it has the same necessary ingredients. You might be wondering what goes into the self-love pie; Nourishment, confidence, authenticity, surrender, YOUR truth, YOUR beauty, acceptance of self and others. I know you have many more of your own.

Self-love is gratitude for another chance to wake up, to be free and to do YOU. Allow yourself to be the guiding light, the warrior who guides accepts life’s challenges, that is just some of the ingredients it takes to create a humble pie of self-love.

Today say I am a student of love. As a result, I am a teacher of love too. I free my heart in childlike wonderment.

“Love is our true essence. Love has no limitations of caste, religion, race, or nationality. We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love. To awaken this unity – and to spread to others the love that is our inherent nature – is the true goal of human life.” ~ Ammachi

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You’re a star — and so am I. I’m a genius — and so are you. Your success encourages my brilliance, and my charisma enhances your power. Your victory doesn’t require my defeat and vice versa. Those are the rules in the New World — quite unlike the rules in the Old World, where zero-sum games are the norm, and only one of us can win each time we play.

In the New World, you don’t have to tone down or apologize for your prowess, because you love it when other people shine. You exult in your own excellence without regarding it as a sign of inherent superiority. As you ripen more and more of your latent aptitude, you inspire the rest of us to claim our own idiosyncratic magnificence. ~ Free will astrology

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