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What’s for breakfast?

Wake up, feed your mind the breakfast of champions; That today is going to be a good day! That you are amazing, empowered and loved.

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And when the crazy making thoughts, such as fear, self-doubt, problems arise, change them up for the moment.

Don’t believe everything you think especially the thoughts that don’t serve YOU or you will be a slave to the mind of fearful thinking. Thoughts come and go like the clouds in the skies. Fixated thoughts about yourself, life and others can keep you a prisoner. You always have the key to your freedom by changing the channel in your head. No one said it will be easy, but it is possible, try it next time your mind gets stuck on repeat.

Feel the joy, feel the love, feel yourself evolving.

I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this applies to every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment. That joy is in everyone, always.” —Byron Katie

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The Light is on, and YOU are Home.

The moment you start to do more for yourself, the more strength within you gathered within. The game of life just gets better.

When we do for ourselves, it is like giving others permission to take care of themselves too. That is the power of unconditional love.

The more connected you are with your thoughts and how it vibrates out; and actually, gives you what you want, the more connected you feel to your inner-power.

There is always a game changer within. You just have to vibrate with yourself. You are the only game in town.

Mantra: I open the door to my radiant self.

Living your integrity becomes the rule instead of the exception. It transforms the quality of your life. -John-Roger

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Who is minding the mind?
Our minds have a mind of their own at times. It is only when we become aware of our thinking that we are able to adjust where they go. We can never stop them, our thoughts are our constant companion.
We spin thoughts like yarn without even questioning them; do we know the thought we are thinking to be true? Is that particular thought ABSOLUTELY true? Byron Katie coined that phrase, and it really is a great question to ask ourselves when we are struggling with becoming a slave to the thought or if we are the master of our thinking.
We trust our thoughts most of the time, or we allow our thoughts to tell us stories that might not be true. The problem can arise if we believe all of them, and this can cause us to be a slave and suffer much stress and rob us of the present moment and sometimes our sense of self.
Your mind is powerful. When you invest your time and energy in asking inquiring questions about your thoughts, then they are the seeds that will start to grow and give you the life you want.
“A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”
― Byron Katie, Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

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“I had Me at, Hello.”  🙉

A quote from Rob Brezsny outlaw category; SCHIZOFRIENDIA. Hearing voices in your head that are constantly supportive, encouraging, and keen to offer advice that helps you make the most of every experience. Love that!

No matter what, our inner voices talk incessantly, and we need to take notice. There is a whole team working for us or against us in our minds. Our thoughts and conversations have an impact whether we believe it or not. We can heal ourselves or hurt ourselves with the daily conversations and ideas we have for ourselves.

We all talk to ourselves. Hell, I have worked out so many problems having a detailed conversation with myself. That inner-voice is fantastic and comes in handy when I need a boost or solve a problem.

Take notice, when you catch yourself beating yourself up, change your focus and choose a belief that empowers you, inspires you and changes the energy direction in your body and in your life.

Today, I will remember that I have the power to turn any negative into a positive. It’s all up to me.

“I am often amused and sometimes amazed by the free-reign constructs of my mind. That is why I converse regularly with myself – I am one of my better friends…”
― Gavin Mills

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star film

BEing is the ‘ALL’ at once happening!
The constant loop of life is as endless as our feelings about ourselves are. What you put out into the world comes from the creative thoughts in your mind and heart, your beliefs about who you are, what you can be and do. All these emotional downloads are always spiraling full circle at the same time. That “BEing” is giving and receiving all in the same breath.
Our thoughts and actions are powerful and driven by the energy we rev up within. The very thoughts you have about yourself create this vibrational wheel that fires up the cells in your body and produces your life. You become this magnetic and what you believe about you is the very thing that gets attracted to you.
It’s time to realize how you contribute to this planet in a BIG way, that you are the director and star of your own movie and when you invest in yourself there is an extraordinary production that occurs for you. Your life plays out like a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star film.
All this happens when you believe in your being, your magnificence’s, and your brilliance. All your investors show up to support your belief, and you do amazing things, create amazing scenes and the pay-off is LOVE.
Start BEing who you are meant to be, and only you know what that is. Dolby Dharma
The Mantra: I give myself full permission to BE an amazing star.
“It’s the next breath we all take. It’s the choice we make to get on with it.~Alexandra Fuller

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‘Sitting in the Silence,’

Day Eighteen of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute challenge: Introspection

I invite you to take the grand journey inside your interior castle and discover the treasures that are waiting for you to find. Observe without evaluating, only then the unwrapped gifts of your own true Nature will become unveiled.

Winter is the time for shadow work, the hermit beckons us, as the nights invites us on an ‘inward journey’ to know ourselves more.

The hibernation, the turning within is our opportunity to practice a deeper listening to whatever arises, not looking for anything other than where can I open more, expand my breath, be more love and let the Divine light enter to heal the cells that nourish the body.

The benefits: Knowing ourselves more; as we move inward we take ourselves out of the world and into the world that knows us all too well, that knows what is best if we listen, trust and gain wisdom unraveling our highest self.

Surrendering; a benefit of ‘I don’t know’ gives us the innocence of a child open to whatever arises.

Soulfulness; unites us with our lost soul. There is an internal energy, by going within can we tap into this infinite resource.

You will undoubtedly find more benefits in five minutes of just being and going within. There is much to be revealed.

Once we journey into ourselves, we can appreciate with new eyes; we awaken more as an individual that compliments the collective.
Dolby Dharma

The Mantra: My heart is open to myself.

You once told me
You wanted to find
Yourself in the world –
And I told you to
First, apply within,
To discover the world
within you.

You once told me
You wanted to save
The world from all its wars –
And I told you to
First, save yourself
From the world,
And all the wars
You put yourself
~~ Suzy Kassem.”

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Being in a good mood is your magic wand, that’s right, it has the power to transform most situations and people, just with a thought.

Use your imagination in positive ways, we all know how to conjure up the worst-case scenario, how about the best possible outcome!

Act the way you want to feel!

Just setting your intention and using your imagination at the start of your day is powerful. This powerful spiritual tool is the morning mantra to adopt because it talks to the very cells in your body and creates the very wishes, dreams, and healings you desire.

Nothing manifest until the mental wheels start moving. Remember that when your mind starts to wander into dark territories, remembering old wounds and experiences we are using the magic wand to grant our desire.

The Universe is always listening for instructions on how to proceed. Our past fears can hijack our mental energy, and that is the instructions we give to the Universal energy, who always wants to please us; living in fear can and will, rob us of our good fortune, our good mood, our desires, happiness, wishes, and dreams.

The monkey mind is always at work trying to break out of the cage and wreak havoc for it has no boundaries unless we set them up. Therefore, it is important to stay present and enjoy our set intentions to be in a good mood.

So, fire up your magic wand and start waving that bad boy around. Magic is in the air and magic is everywhere. You just have to believe! Dolby Dharma

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius

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